The Perks and Hazards that come with Biking

As a proud owner of a mid segment racing bike, I deem myself to be worthy of babbling upon the concept of "racing" and "driving like crazy" in Indian roads. Oh the irony of it.
Cutting across traffic is like, hitting full throttle in burnout takedown and not getting wasted for Twenty minutes straight. Keyword : Awesome.
The looks on the faces of fellow drivers when they realize you're another nut case lunatic asylum breaker risking your life on the road for nothing but cheap speed thrills is simply priceless.
Hearing the swear words when you just manage to avert a mishap, a possibly dangerous accident that might result in fatalities serves to provide the lunatic rider with a few laughs.
Laughs that can be cherished, with Friends but not with the fraternal side.

Do you happen to have any such unique moments during your bike rides? Please feel free to share it with us in the comments, for such experiences shouldn't remain a secret!

Being pensive on social networking sites.

DISCLAIMER : Article might be written in times of undue boredom, might cause extreme distortion in the cortexial areas of the human brain due to its underlying complex yet extremely simple innuendos wrapped in conceptively deceiving simple English.
Wall of Text OKAY.

The title sums it up, pretty much. 
The fad associated with the Internet social networking originated around four years ago, yeah you guessed it correct, with the launching of Google's infamously popular AND extremely innocuous piece of shit social networking site, Orkut.
In these sites, the general layout was like this.
A guy creates an account. He has a multitude of criteria to fill in his details, ranging from sombre professional details, to educational qualifications and right down to morose stupid data like how his mother looked when he was a toddler and how much she resembles a blown up potato these days.

Trivialities aside, the user gets to have an avatar of his own, a personalized book, Scrapbook in orkut jargon, where others get to post their views, thoughts, million dollar opinions, greetings, or what the hell they even get to flirt with each other.
Stories of Orkut romances even culminating into marriages aren't rather unpopular, they're considered a part and parcel of web 2.0's online valentine movement.
Orkut related stress is also an important factor I should be delberating upon.  People, especially those with the lower IQ endowed to them, tend to take it to task that the number of profile visits they receive ad nauseum really matter a lot. Also their "sexiness" and "coolness".

Apart from this there are also Fanlists, Yes people, ordinary people get to have a fanbase of their very own in these sites!
There are also a lot of factors to be looked into, since this discussion here from my point of view is taking a turn towards the rather pointless direction.

Are these sites really useful?
Maybe. But by no means they can be claimed as an essential part of the life of any devout internet citizen. 
There's the ol' faithful e-mail, the ever clinkin' Instant messenger. Its just, that these social networking sites are a mix of Forum boards, Instant messengers, chat programs, and email features which make them a totally endearing and alluring frolicking environment for denizens of the net.

My five cents done.

Spore : What went wrong.

Well, this game, in its conception, drew an enormous amount of hype.
Partly because it was being conceptualized and given life by Will Wright, renowned games developer.
Partly because it dealt with one of the most controversial theories in Human History, Evolution.
Partly because it was supposed to be a game that incorporated biological sciences and er... fun.

I was waiting for this game to release. And so did lots of other people for an entire period of two years.
Then, the hype surrounding it gradually faded, cause the game achieved a quasi-gold status even before its launch.
A huge demo with almost three fourths of the game concept was released, to wide ado and appreciation from gaming enthusiasts.
Then the real thing happened. The game hit stores, and i bought it duly. 
I was in for a gradual realization, that something was missing from the game. First time I played it, the entire concept was astounding, it made me feel like I was a part of some unique experience.
The game takes the user in stages of evolution. From a cell, to a organism, to a tribe, to a nation, to a civilization and then lets you enter the space age to conquer the entire universe and lets you become god in the end!
Such an amazing concept, but something went seriously lacking in its implementation. The game lacks replayability value, once you finish playing it for one full round, there isn't anything new for you to encounter.
Other than countless redesigns or entire new creations of each stage of your Spore journey. It may be fun for a few people, but for the majority audience , it doesn't hold it quite well.
People tend to get bored of such inane concepts. And very quickly, especially with the wide array of highly sophisticated action games hitting the markets in the recent times. Crysis warhead and Farcy 2 among them.

So due to wrong timing, poor implementation- possibly due to brainstorming conflicts within the developing team- a game that was supposed to be a landmark in gaming history went sour.

Do you, as a valued reader of this blog, have any opinions as to what happened to make Spore turn out the way it did? the praz blog values your opinion, so be our guest and leave a comment stating your thoughts!


Hello Internet!
Welcome to my blog!

Lets begin with a few of my favorite phrases, aye?

All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players

I see you stand like greyhounds in the slips !

Men's evil manners live in brass; their virtues we write in water

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more...

There we go, my ode to Shakespeare being done, lets get down to blogging!