An Incomplete Lament

Despite its rich multicultural heritage and it being on the path to becoming a Superpower, my country, India, is still home to unspeakable atrocities against Humanity.

The petty relics of historical squabbles is the malaise that plagues my nation from gaining the appreciation it so deserves.

Freedom of Speech, Freedom of expression, and Equality are all a glorified myth which solely exists in the Indian constitution and not in the minds of Indians. The country is still divided on the basis of Language, Religion, Color (India can be considered a stellar example for Human Genetic Diversity), Caste, Social Status, and whatever possible division that can be conceived by the Dogmatic Indian Mind.

Anglicization to an extent has redeemed the country from sliding into a civil war.

Reason: Each endogamous social and religious group is afraid of the other. Their oft repeated statement: "Where shall we go?"

My answer: Go to Hell.

The privileged send their children abroad and return to their offices spreading propaganda about Brain Drain, Racism and lies about lack of opportunities abroad. Where will they go if the common Indian's child gains a World Perspective?

People who speak out against Human Rights violations are silenced with a freak road accident, threatened with Freudian fears like Castration, HIV Infection or with Amputation or Mutilation. Sometimes the mark of insanity is laid upon them and they are fed Psychiatric Drugs which lead the brave individual to a lobotomy.

Where will they go if someone uproots the Fear they spread among the uneducated masses?

The privileged send their Women to beautify themselves and show off their Empowered status in the metropolises yet at the same time lament the lack of safety and "Cultural Degradation" in the glorious country for their cherished princesses. Where will they go, their liberated Women are not safe!

The privileged, whose Women lust after Good Men in society by bringing their entire endogamous socio-religious bandwagon pursuing these Good Men to marry them, ruining their concentration, peace of mind and sanity in the process, where will they go if they won't get the good publicity for their endogamous Socio-Religious group that could only arise from such supposedly good matrimonial liaisons?

The daughters of maids and workers sit on the floor in the houses of these people.

People constantly ascribe you your caste depending on the perceived behaviors you exhibit. Zoo animals and their Zoo Keepers.

People with access to information withhold it from those who seek it. Where will they go if the common Indian becomes intelligent?

People who assume the roles of Educational Consultants, Professors and prominent scholastic positions fuel their Ideologies through their classes which are meant to teach Engineering or other subjects.

India will become a Superpower. After so many innocent, naive, gullible, hapless, underprivileged Indians have toiled away, without any recognition or compensation for their life efforts, for the privileged and their children to savor the country's superpower status. Where will they go if all Indians become equal?

By privileged I mean any person who is in the upper strata of Indian Society, irrespective of Caste/Religion.

I am Inter-Caste, I don't believe in Caste, and I was brought up ignorant of Caste, that's the reason I can observe my own society as an outsider and proclaim my 1 unit of currency on it. I am privileged enough to have access to the Internet to be able to write this. Yes, this is neo global rhetoric spewed by me, but does it not convey the picture of my country?

May God cry when He observes India and realizes the horrendous inhumanities committed in the name of Religion and Caste.

Thank you, the reader of this article. Spread word of this "Aam Admi's" (Indian version of the average Joe) lament.

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