Rant #1

Who said the Internet is virtual?

What happens on the internet affects the real world.

Since the Internet exists in our minds, which exist on the basis of synaptic connections, which are real, how can the Internet be virtual?

It is based on the physical interconnections between physical devices called computers, and we operate these machines with our synaptic connections, and so we manipulate reality by transforming it to the so called virtual domain which then reflects back on the reality we live in.

Its how you utilize what you have been given

A Tweet can be about the TV show you so willfully spent wasting the past one hour of your life watching. A Tweet can be about your mundane efforts at hilarity by creating a new Hash bang. A Tweet can be about publicizing to the World where you are this very instant so that unknown Joes across the World can utilize this data to improve the understanding of all humans.

I tell you, that same Tweet can change the World as you know it.

A Facebook Status update can be about food. It can be about how you feel. It can be about why you broke up with another Homo Sapiens because they indulged in unproductive mating with another.

Or it can change the World.

Its "How you use the utilities and Tools you are given."

The Tree

Feed the poor. Provide them healthcare, vaccinations, and clean rations.

Shelter the homeless. Opportunities should be provided to the deserving.

Clean the surroundings. Clear the dust.

Vehemently endeavor to uproot Graft.

Plant and grow Trees. Reduce the Carbon footprint.

Educate the illiterate. Unlearn the unnecessary. Expand your vision, your outlook. Petty squabbles, ego battles, thirst for inconspicuous instant-gratification victories will all be relegated to the gutters in the course of time. Is not the Earth itself tremendously minuscule even in the smallest of all the Sun Spots?

Obtain the Big Panorama.

Enhance yourself. Self Improvise. Become an Autodidact. Learn self control, self restraint, mastery over the Senses.

Stop making mountains out of molehills. Stop wasting time, energy, resources, fuel, thought, that which cannot be regained.

The Tree will stand. The Tree will endure. The Tree isn't dumb, it is and always will remain a silent Spectator.

What will the Tree do? It sheds its leaves. Glorify it, decorate it, uproot it, you are only encroaching upon its serenity accorded to it by the Forest. In solitude the Rains will water it. The Elements will offer it sanctuary.

Its Fruit might take years to be reaped, but it should be accorded the solitude it so verily craves for, to repay the debt incurred due to its growth on the Mountain of Gratitude.