The Internet is fun!

I grew up with the Internet, trawling it, crawling it, surfing it, assimilating it and unsuccessfully eschewing it.

You trawl it.
You crawl it.
You surf it.
You assimilate it.
You begin to live in it.
You, unsuccessfully, eschew it.
It's the digital wormhole,
The wormhole which can be a Time-Sink Black hole or,
An information disseminating Supermassive Black hole.

         Tim Berners-Lee named it the Internet. The reason you are reading this article penned by me thousands of miles away partitioned behind a cornucopia of electrical and digital complexities.

             You might be viewing this piece of avant garde Internet lingo influenced literature on the now archaic desktop computers, or their slimmer sleeker contemporarily ubiquitous counterparts - handheld devices with enough digital brains to call them Smartphones.

The Internet is fun. Fun in unfathomable ways. The Internet has now transformed to become the Digital Mirror of Man.

Regime changing, World influencing Fun

                 Internet Activism finds the internet to be fun when entire tyrannical regimes oppressing millions of people are brought to light and toppled overnight thanks to trending tweets on Twitter and chilling status updates and photos shared on Facebook, the Internet's reigning sons. Twitpic your grievances from your smartphone, and voila! The World observes and comes to your rescue.

The Window to Sociability

                      Desperate People craving for Social acceptance and connectivity with long lost ones find the Internet to be fun when it allows them to interact with people over the internet with ease and aplomb instantaneously. Tweet your status, Facebook your emotions from your smartphone, and voila! Your network listens and engages in digital social contact with you. 

Pedantic fun!

                    The inquisitively curious student finds the Internet to be fun when it grants him access to treasure troves of educational resources hitherto locked away in obscure libraries inaccessible by him. Online courses, people willing to educate curious minds over the internet all transform the Internet into a gateway to endless education for the eager student. Educational applications on smartphones, supplemented by cognitive enhancement applications all transform today's internet ready phones into life defining tools which set the student on a career trajectory replete with success. 

Find-what-you-are-looking-for fun!

                   People desperately seeking information on any topic conceivable by the human mind find the Internet to be fun when Search Engines present what they are seeking for to them in a silver platter. Appearing as tiny dashboard widgets on the user interfaces of today's smartphones, information is literally a few taps away for the curious searcher. The internet makes the arduous process of finding exactly what you want to be seamless fun! 

The Island of Connectedness 

                    Today's Internet denizen finds the internet not be fun, but to be of pure Bliss. Perched from his location, armed with Internet connectivity, he has everything at his disposal: from ordering food to books, to even buying shelter, with the added perk of earning for this sustenance through the same Internet itself! The possibilites are endless with the Internet. Yes, the Internet can translate the notion of "Fun living" into a reality. 

Cartographically speaking..

                    Smartphones armed with blazing speed Internet connectivity are making modern day Cartographers of their owners. Gone are the days when people resorted to outdated maps to find their way through the sprawling metropolises. Geo synchronous maps with street level real time accuracy abound in the Internet which transform finding your way around intricate locations sheer fun! 

           With umpteen avenues and endless channels of information available for the eager consumer, the Internet is what you make it out to be for yourself. It is a connected realm of endless possibilites for fun in so many unfathomable ways. 

 Endlessly, infinitely, fascinatingly and intriguingly, the Internet is fun!

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